4 Simple Remedies for Alleviating Constipation

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June 22, 2020
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4 Simple Remedies for Alleviating Constipation

We all know that constipation isn’t fun. Your stomach may feel crampy or uncomfortable, but you can’t pass any bowel movements. Though there’s no daily bowel movement requirement, you shouldn’t have any less than three a week. There are many simple remedies that you can try to alleviate your constipation. Keep in mind that everyone’s digestive system varies, so it may take a few tries to fix this problem. 

1. Eat More High-Fiber Foods

A healthy diet can help you avoid constipation. Many people turn to fiber as a way to relieve this issue. That’s because fiber works as a nutrient to help substances move through your digestive system. There are two types of fiber — soluble and insoluble — that together, support your health. The first helps your stool retain water, while the second pushes your bowel movements along.

It’s important to consume more high-fiber foods when you want to alleviate constipation. These foods include broccoli, raspberries and avocado. You could also explore fiber supplements.

2. Try a Squat Position

A squat position can urge your muscles to relax so that you can pass a bowel movement. This stance pushes your colon into an ideal place, so you won’t have to strain yourself. Our colons can’t unkink themselves when we sit on the toilet as usual. As a result, it’s harder to go to the bathroom. A simple posture fix may help you pass more comfortable bowel movements.

Try bringing a footstool with you into the bathroom. Place your feet on the platform after you sit down on the toilet — then see what happens.

3. Make Sure You’re Hydrated

If you’re constipated, it could be because you’re dehydrated. Your body needs water to function properly. If you don’t have enough hydration, it’s difficult for your body to process bowel movements correctly. When food travels to your digestive system, it’s up to your body’s water concentration to move it through your intestines. Your intestines then absorb excess water from those substances when you’re dehydrated.

That’s why it’s essential to drink enough water every day. If you often forget to consume water, it may be useful to explore IV therapy. For example, the Myers’ Cocktail benefits include naturally boosted hydration through nutrients and minerals. An IV drip may be the quickest solution to rehydrating.

4. Do Some Light Exercise

Those who exercise frequently may notice that they pass more bowel movements than average. That’s because physical fitness can cause your intestinal muscles to engage. A quick walk or jog can direct your body’s blood flow to your abdomen for more consistent contractions. As a result, your body can push substances through your digestive system more quickly.

Wait an hour after you eat before you exercise. Try a short 10-minute walk to see if those movements make a difference.

An IV Drip From Rocky Mountain IV Medics Can Relieve Your Symptoms

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