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Time is a valuable resource. Why waste it feeling sick? Rocky Mountain IV Medics wants to see everyone in and around the Denver area feeling their best. Our quick IV treatments offer everything from migraine alleviation to exercise hydration, and we provide them right in the comfort of your home, office or hotel. When you need rapid relief, we're just a call or text away We offer our mobile iv therapy services throughout Denver and all the way to Colorado Springs..

An IV drip is a safe and effective way to get the vitamins and medications you need for a quick recovery from illness or exertion. Intravenous delivery facilitates rapid absorption and re-hydration, making it ideal for treating those lingering ailments you want to end as soon as possible. Our in-home IV drips include all travel fees. Our medical professionals can recommend an IV that's right for you based on symptoms. Our IV therapy services are backed by 5 star reviews and we're dedicated to doing everything we can to help you feel better, regardless of your symptoms.

Call (720) 987-2155, or text us to schedule your on-demand IV.

IV Drip Packages


The Myers' Cocktail


Our Best Selling Hydration Package

  • Features 6 of our highest-impact vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and Hydration, can help with skin health, and aid your weight loss regimen.
  • Supports your Immune System and can give you a burst of energy to stop you from feeling sluggish.
  • Recommended for everything from hangovers to fatigue, the flu, recovery from an athletic event, or a chronic illness.

The Ultimate Myers' Cocktail


Our Premium Package

  • 5000 mg of Vitamin C and 1000 mg of Glutathion
  • Antioxidant-rich package will knock out the toughest flu or hangover symptoms
  • Increase overall energy and alertness.

Hair, Skin, and Nails


Restore Your Youth

  • Designed to deliver ingredients that help promote healthy hair and nail growth, while also combating oxidative stress caused by free radical to give your skin a youthful glow.

Add-Ins & Injections


Upgrade Your Drip

  • Increase the effectiveness of your IV or target a specific symptom by upgrading your IV with an Add-In or Intramuscular Injection

IV Drip Packages

Myers' Cocktail

Now $195

Our Best Selling Package

  • - Affordable Relief
  • - Supports your Immune System
  • - Cure hangovers and fatigue

Ultimate Myers


Our Premium Package

  • - Knock out symptoms Fast
  • - Be more Alert & Energetic
  • - Vitamin C & Glutathione

Hair, Skin, Nails


Restore Your Youth

  • - Give your skin a youthful glow
  • - Promote healthy hair and nail growth
  • - Combat oxidative stress caused by free radicals

Why Rocky Mountain IV Medics?

One of our trained registered nurses or paramedics (dependent on location) will arrive ready to provide the relief you need.
We've helped thousands recover from migraines, dehydration, jet lag, chemotherapy symptoms, all at a lower cost than a hospital visit.
The convenience of IV therapy in your home, office, or hotel room so you can relax during treatment


Our team provides mobile IV vitamin therapy from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.
We come to you! - From Ft Collins-Denver-Springs and everything in between! If you don't see your city listed, we may still come to you! Don't hesitate to give us a call or shoot us a text and see how fast we can help you hydrate. You can find a list of all our service areas here.
We do not accept insurance for treatment. However, we do take cash, check, debit, credit, HSA, and FSA. Learn more about our payment policies and options.
Just about anyone! Depending on their health history, IV therapy works well for people ages 10 and older who weigh more than 100 pounds. The patient must be able to consent to treatment.
This depends on what you want to achieve with vitamin IV therapy: -Weekly IV drips are used for detox or wellness treatments. Multiple IV infusions over the course of a few days help bring symptom relief to people suffering from illnesses. Occasional IV treatments are used by people suffering flare-ups of medical conditions, such as migraine or arthritis. For instance, migraine attacks may be lessened in severity or even prevented with timely IV therapy. IVs are also ideal for temporary conditions such as athletic recovery, hangovers, or dehydration from excessive sun or heat exposure.

If you have additional questions about IV therapy, don't hesitate to contact us today.

Expect a reply within 24 hours. Contact Rocky Mountain IV Medics today and let our in-home IV treatments get you feeling better than ever.

Payment Methods

We accept all major credit cards. Our services are also HSA (Health Savings Account) approved!


The Science Behind IV Infusion Therapy

Oral medications and vitamins must pass through the digestive system before they reach the bloodstream and begin affecting the body. IV treatments, however, deliver nutrients right where they can do the most good in the least amount of time. This results in highly efficient absorption as well as an almost immediate effect. 

Rocky Mountain IV Medics offers a variety of packages to ease various symptoms, and we use a topical numbing spray to make application easy and comfortable. Our most popular IV therapy package, the Myers' Cocktail, combines potent vitamins B and C with healthy minerals and a powerful boost to the immune system. Our customers love this effective remedy for its ability to fight flu, colds and fatigue, while the combination of vitamins and minerals packs a bonus benefit for the skin. 

Our other packages include Gold, Silver, Bronze and Purely Saline. Each IV drip is designed to target specific issues ranging from dehydration to body aches, and additional vitamins, minerals or antioxidants can be added for customization. 

Rocky Mountain IV Medics red Jeep in Colorado
Rocky Mountain IV Medics red Jeep in Colorado side profile
Rocky Mountain IV Medics red Jeep in Colorado snow covered
Rocky Mountain IV Medics red Jeep in Colorado Rocky Mountain IV Medics red Jeep in Colorado side profile Rocky Mountain IV Medics red Jeep in Colorado snow covered

We Deliver Safe, Rapid Relief.

Hospitals can provide IV drips, but they usually do so at a higher cost than a mobile IV therapy service like Rocky Mountain IV Medics. Hospitals are also inconvenient and time-consuming, which is particularly frustrating when saving time is one of the primary benefits of IV infusion therapy. 

When you contact Rocky Mountain IV Medics, you can expect one of our trained paramedics to arrive at your Colorado home or location within an hour, ready to provide the relief you need. Our team is backed by a group of ER physicians specializing in telemedicine. They'll quickly and accurately review your symptoms, take your vital signs and make an IV recommendation. With a simple waiver, you can start receiving your IV therapy and get on the road to relief. 

Rocky Mountain IV Medics is a team of paramedics with over 12 years of providing compassionate, professional care. We've helped thousands of customers all over Colorado recover from jet lag, find relief from chemotherapy symptoms or just get back to their lives. IV therapy has a multitude of applications, and we consider it a privilege to bring this comforting care into our clients' homes.

Call us at 720-987-2155, or text us to schedule your on-demand IV. You can also contact us online to learn more about our in-home remedies and our service area. Our business is built on fast, convenient service, so you can expect a reply within 24 hours. Contact Rocky Mountain IV Medics today and let our in-home IV treatments get you feeling better than ever. 

On demand IV therapy is just a text or phone call away! Contact us now for ASAP service, anywhere in the Denver Area!

What Makes Rocky Mountain IV Medics The Best Choice?

A few good reasons to choose us for your IV hydration needs:


Payment Methods

We accept all major credit cards. Our services are also HSA (Health Savings Account) approved! all major cards accepted

Service Area

We serve the entire Denver area, including Denver and ALL surrounding cities: Lakewood, EngleWood, Littleton, Aurora, Thornton, Westminster, Arvada, Centennial, Castle Rock, Boulder, Broomfield, Colorado Springs and so much more! If you don't see your city listed here, CALL US! We strive to find a way! And the more demand we have, the quicker we will expand to your area! View Our Service Area >>>

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