Performance Plus IV Package

Bring your performance to it's highest level you never thought possible! Performance Plus is crafted for athletes, pre or post-workout.

performance plus iv

Performance Plus - $325

This IV includes the following:

+ 1000cc of Saline
+ B complex
+ 2 Doses of B12
+ Taurine
+ 100mg NAD+

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What is our 'Performance Plus' IV?

As an athlete, you lose a lot of essential fluids through sweating. Performance Plus can help prepare your body for this or help put them back once the activity is completed! Our Performance Plus IV cocktail is crafted for athletes or those engaging in vigorous activity. It contains 1000cc of Saline, B complex, 2 Doses of B12, Taurine, and 100mg NAD+. Take care of your body to improve your performance. Bring your performance to its highest level you never thought possible!

Pre-workout and post-workout approved! This IV works well for hydrating your body in anticipation of losing fluid during intense activity. It also works great as a post-workout recovery IV to help replenish all the fluids that your body lost during activity. 

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