Purely Saline — Our Saline IV Package

Our most affordable package includes 1000cc of normal saline IV fluids. For $100, one of our medics will provide at-home IV service with a hydrating solution. We offer this package throughout Denver and the surrounding areas, including Aurora and Boulder. Rocky Mountain IV Medics offers high-quality saline IVs to meet your health needs. Try it today by scheduling an appointment online with one of our medical professionals.

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Purely Saline IV Package

We offer IV saline solution as our cheapest packageso everyone can experience the benefits of IV therapy. This IV is designed for those with allergies or intolerances to other add-ins or for those who just need to rehydrate. The $100 cost of this IV drip includes travel fees to our service area that spans Denver and the surrounding areas, including Aurora, Colorado Springs and Boulder.

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What Is an IV Saline Solution?

Normal saline consists of sterile water and sodium chloride — salt. One of the most common types of saline solutions for IVs contains 0.9% sodium chloride. A saline solution can serve as a standalone IV formula or deliver nutrients in combination with other compounds.

The medical field considers normal saline an isotonic crystalloid solution. As a crystalloid solution, it includes small particles — sodium chloride — that easily enter cells and tissues from the bloodstream. Its isotonic nature means that it adds fluids to the areas inside and outside the cells. This makes a normal saline IV ideal for replenishing lost fluids in the body.

When Do Medical Professionals Use Saline?

Medical professionals provide 0.9% saline solution when the IV recipient needs hydration. The cells in your body use a watery fluid that contains sodium and chloride to keep your tissues hydrated and maintain your fluid balance. Saline solution restores this fluid to help your body handle its related functions. Sodium also supports cell processes, such as muscle movement and nerve impulses. Meanwhile, chloride manages your acid-base balance.

Because of these benefits, normal saline maintains the body's fluid levels and electrolytes. The human body consists of about 60% water, making hydration essential to everyday function. Sodium chloride and water support your body's natural functions by restoring your fluid balance.

Who Typically Receives a Saline-Only IV?

People who have allergies or sensitivities to certain compounds or need pure hydration choose our Purely Saline package. It works as a great entry-level option if you want to try out the benefits of IV therapy. By delivering saline solution directly to your bloodstream, saline IV therapy helps you get hydrated quickly to alleviate a variety of symptoms.

Symptoms Alleviated With Normal Saline

Dehydration is linked to many health conditions and symptoms. By restoring your body's fluids, our normal saline IV bags can alleviate dehydration issues associated with:

  • Hangovers: Dehydration causes many of the symptoms associated with hangovers. Saline IV therapy relieves dehydration and restores electrolytes to target your hangover.
  • Colds and the flu: Viral illnesses that involve vomiting and fever can cause dehydration that exacerbates symptoms. A saline IV bag can help you stay hydrated while you’re sick to help you recover.
  • Athletic recovery: After intense athletic activity, you need to restore your body's fluids and electrolytes. You can do just that by receiving saline IV therapy. Proper rehydration can help you recover faster and boost athletic performance. 
  • Morning sickness: If morning sickness has you feeling dehydrated, you can quickly hydrate with a saline IV drip. Saline IV therapy also contains no additional medicine for safety during pregnancy.

Available Add-Ons for Your Saline IV

You also have the option to customize your IV treatment to address any health concerns. For an additional fee, you can get these add-ons in your IV saline solution:

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Schedule Saline IV Therapy at Home

Rocky Mountain IV Medics uses top-of-the-line normal saline IV fluids in our Purely Saline package. When you order saline IV therapy from us, one of our skilled and experienced medics will come to your home to deliver this hydrating package. Feeling better has never been easier.

We offer convenient and fast-acting IV treatment to bring you much-needed symptom relief. Everything we do puts your health and wellness first, from our outstanding patient care to our VIP program that offers special deals, events and promotions. See how Rocky Mountain IV Medics can help you feel stronger and more energetic with proper rehydration. Simply contact our team today or call/text 720-987-2155 to request a visit.

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