Immune Plus

Feel better fast! Immune Plus is packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc.

immune plus iv

Immune Plus

Currently on sale for $200! (Normally priced at $250) This IV includes the following:

+ 1000cc of Saline
+ 10,000mg of Vitamin C
+ Zinc
+ Vitamin D IM Injection

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What is our 'Immune Plus' IV?

With flu season right around the corner, we created an IV to help you feel better when you're sick. Immune Plus is packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc to help you start feeling better during recovery. Hydration is extremely important when you are feeling ill. Your body will naturally use more liquids to help fight off the illness. The Immune Plus IV is crafted to replenish this hydration loss and also give your body an additional boost of vitamins to feel better. 

Great for fighting the cold or flu. We highly encourage those who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms to be tested per CDC guidelines. If you would like to schedule an Antigen Rapid Test, you can now do so on our online scheduling page!

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surviving cold and flu season

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When you order the Immune Plus IV from Rocky Mountain IV Medics, one of our medics will come to your home to deliver this hydrating package. Simply contact our team today or call/text 720-987-2155 to request a visit.

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