IV Treatment for Pain Management in Colorado

For people in the Denver area experiencing pain, we offer Toradol as an IV add-in to almost any of our IV packages. If you're feeling pain from an injury, surgery, athletic competition, or anything else, we may be able to help! There's no need to leave the couch, as we come to your home anywhere in our service area throughout Colorado. Call on Rocky Mountain IV Medics when you need a fast-acting IV drip for pain relief!

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IV For Pain Management

Depending on your symptoms, the Silver package may be right for you. We recommend you add in Toradol for a pain management infusion and the Silver package includes one custom add-in.
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What Is Toradol?

Also known by the generic name ketorolac, Toradol is a pain medication. It comes in the form of an IV, injection, or pill. As a nonsteroidal, anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), Toradol alleviates pain by decreasing prostaglandins, substances that cause inflammation.

Remember to consult a doctor before receiving Toradol IV therapy. Some drugs and health conditions can put you at an increased risk of side effects.

What Are the Benefits of a Toradol IV?

An IV with NSAID pain relief such as Toradol provides several benefits:

  • Non-narcotic: Now that we have more knowledge about the effects of narcotics or opioid pain medicine, some people prefer not to use them. Toradol does not use opioids to alleviate pain. Instead, it uses a different mechanism of action to reduce inflammation and relieve symptoms.
  • Non-addictive: Because it does not include opioids, Toradol has no risk of addiction. It works as a more powerful form of non-addictive, over-the-counter drugs like ibuprofen and aspirin.
  • Fast relief: Toradol IV administration provides faster results than a pill because the IV delivers the medicine directly to your bloodstream. Anti-inflammatory IV drugs such as Toradol do not need extra time to travel through your body and be absorbed into your blood.

Which Kinds of Pain Can Toradol Address?

Toradol works best for cases of short-term moderate or severe pain instead of chronic pain. We alleviate symptoms with Toradol for people experiencing the following types of pain:

  • Surgical: Toradol can help reduce pain after surgery for five days or less. In the medical field, doctors most commonly use Toradol for post-surgery pain. If you already take another painkiller for post-surgery pain, ask your doctor before getting Toradol IV therapy.
  • Athletic: Professional athletes often take Toradol for pain related to an injury or physical activity. At Rocky Mountain IV medics, we administer Toradol in an IV with anti-inflammatory properties to athletes of all kinds. It may help you feel less pain after physical activity or aid in recovery afterward. Many athletes also opt for IV therapy for joint pain if they experience pain or injuries due to overuse or strain.
  • Arthritis: When you have an arthritis flare-up, we can administer Toradol to help you get relief. Its anti-inflammatory power makes it a suitable choice when you want to reduce sudden pain, such as arthritis.
  • Migraine: The fast and powerful pain relief associated with Toradol can help you feel fewer migraine symptoms. You can also add vitamins or anti-nausea medication to your Toradol IV to address other migraine symptoms.
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Let us come to you to deliver relief through IV therapy. If you live in the Denver area, you can schedule a visit by using our scheduling form, calling 720-987-2155, or texting us.


1How is Toradol different from other NSAIDs?
The difference between Toradol and other NSAIDs lies in its strength. Toradol is a powerful prescription-strength pain medication, while many other NSAIDs (such as ibuprofen) are available in milder, over-the-counter dosages. That’s why Toradol is used as a pain med in IV therapy.
2How strong is IV Toradol?
A typical IV infusion with toradol starts with 15 mg, however, if needed an additional 15 mg can be administered through the IV for a total of 30 mg. Toradol can also be given through a shot in the muscle. If it is given this way it can be given in 15/30/60 mg doses per shot. It’s important to discuss your condition and health history with our team members, who can help you get the proper NSAID dosage for pain relief. Everyone at Rocky Mountain IV Medics has a strong background in IV therapy, and they use that expertise to make recommendations to patients for personalized care. Learn more about our team and their commitment to excellence in IV therapy.
3Can you get Toradol through IVs?
Yes, you can receive Toradol in an IV drip for pain relief when you book your infusion with Rocky Mountain IV Medics. It’s our go-to pain med IV, so you can add it to any of our IV therapy packages, just like you’d add vitamin B12 or magnesium. Toradol is also part of The Resurrection IV package, along with vitamins B12, C, and B Complex, glutathione, zinc, and other ingredients designed to recharge you when you’re feeling out of sorts. Talk to us about your needs, and we’ll find the right IV for you.
4What NSAIDs can be given in an IV?
Three types of NSAIDs can be administered with an IV (or an injection): Toradol, Dyloject (generic name diclofenac), and Caldolor (ibuprofen). Toradol has the most research behind it and has been used longer intravenously than the other two NSAIDs. We believe Toradol delivers the most effective result for pain relief, which is why we offer it at Rocky Mountain IV Medics.
5What is the most effective NSAID for pain?
This answer can vary depending on the type of pain you’re experiencing, your current health status, and how your body reacts to different medications. Some types of pain may only require over-the-counter relief, while others may need the extra strength of a prescription NSAID like Toradol, especially if inflammation is one of the causes of your pain.
6Which is better for pain, Toradol or ibuprofen?
Toradol is generally considered more effective because it is stronger than ibuprofen. Since Rocky Mountain IV Medics administers Toradol through an IV it works quicker to alleviate the pain than ibuprofen does. Again, the type of medication you use will largely depend on the source of your pain. If your pain is severe enough to require an IV, Toradol will be the medication to try.
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