Vitamin Add-Ins: Vitamin C

We now offer IV therapy featuring vitamin C to residents of the Denver area. You can add vitamin C to your IV with these packages:

  • Purely Saline with vitamin C add-in
  • Silver or Gold package with vitamin c as an included add-in
  • Our best-selling Myer's Cocktail, an IV that includes vitamin C among many other supplements
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Now Offering A Higher-Dose Vitamin C IV!

We're now offering the Ultimate Myers' Cocktail for those who want our highest dose of vitamin C. This package includes 5000mg of vitamin C! We serve Denver, CO and the surrounding areas such as Colorado Springs, Boulder, and More!
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Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C provides essential support to your body's functions. The potential advantages of supplementing your diet with high doses of vitamin C include:

Immune System Support

Research suggests that vitamin C can help your body fight off disease. While many people think that vitamin C prevents the common cold, its true immune-boosting benefits lie in its ability to ease cold symptoms. People who have high levels of physical stress or malnutrition may benefit from a lower risk of acute respiratory infection.

Improved Wound Healing

Your body needs vitamin C to create collagen, a protein that helps your wounds heal. Collagen exists in connective tissue throughout various parts of the body, including the nervous system, bones, cartilage, blood, and immune system. Research shows that people with a high intake of vitamin C may have faster healing wounds and cuts.

Antioxidant Benefits

As an antioxidant, vitamin C protects your cells from damaging atoms and molecules known as free radicals. The body forms free radicals when it converts food to energy. Exposure to cigarette smoke, air pollution and ultraviolet light from the sun causes environmental free radicals. Studies show that oxidative stress from free radicals may contribute to heart disease, cancer, immune issues, and many other conditions. Vitamin C neutralizes free radicals to enhance your overall health.

Enhanced Iron Absorption

Vitamin C can also improve your body's absorption of heme-iron, the type of iron that you find in plant-based foods. As a result, it may help reduce your risk of anemia, especially if you have issues absorbing iron. Vegans and vegetarians can get more iron content from their food with the help of vitamin C.

Possible Cancer Treatment Support

The antioxidant benefits of vitamin C may improve cancer treatment by hindering cancer cell growth. Please contact your doctor before trying vitamin C IV therapy as a cancer patient — our services do not work as a treatment for any condition.

Helps Prevent Vitamin C Deficiency

While rare in the United States, vitamin C deficiency can cause severe health symptoms. You may have an increased risk of vitamin C deficiency if you smoke, have certain diseases or eat a diet low in fruits and vegetables. By maintaining your vitamin C levels, you can reduce your risk of deficiency and the following issues:

  • Scurvy, a disease that can cause gum inflammation, skin spots, corkscrew hairs, poor wound healing, and dental issues
  • Chronic fatigue and malaise
  • Anemia resulting from insufficient iron absorption
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Schedule In-Home Vitamin B IV Therapy

We offer B vitamins as an add-in or included in our Myer's Cocktail, Gold, Silver and Bronze packages. When you need B vitamins and hydration, consider the Bronze package. To add more health benefits to your IV therapy, you can also choose a higher tier package or add-ins. For more information about our options or to schedule a visit, contact our team today, call 720-987-2155, or text us.

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