IV Therapy for Mothers and Expecting Mothers

Our IV therapy options can help you feel your best before, during and after pregnancy. We often recommend the $195 Myer's Cocktail package, the option with the most vitamins and minerals, for pregnancy IVs. You may also request a wide range of other IV therapies, depending on your symptoms.

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Our Recommended IV Package

Our recommended IV package for mother's and expecting mothers who may experience morning sickness is the Myer's Cocktail. This iv bag costs $195 which includes a nurse coming to your home or office. Our service area includes a wide radius around Denver, Colorado Springs, and beyond!
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IV Therapy for Moms

We administer IVs for fertility, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. If you have any questions about the safety of our IVs during these times of life, you can contact us. Our IV therapies can alleviate these symptoms related to pregnancy:

Vitamin Deficiency

It can become difficult to get the vitamins and minerals you need during pregnancy, even when you take supplements. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can interfere with fetal growth or cause birth defects. By getting these compounds through an IV, you can address any potential deficiencies. IV therapy delivers nutrients directly to your bloodstream for maximum absorption.

Morning Sickness and Related Dehydration

During the first trimester of pregnancy, morning sickness can result in discomfort and dehydration. If you have frequent nausea, we can add an anti-nausea medicine known as Zofran or ondansetron to your IV. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) considers this medicine safe for pregnancy. Each of our IV packages contains a hydrating saline solution that can help restore fluids when morning sickness causes dehydration.

Chronic Fatigue

The first trimester can also cause chronic fatigue. Proper nutrition and hydration can alleviate some of this fatigue to help you get through this phase of pregnancy. Our IVs include fluids and critical nutrients to supplement your diet.

FAQs About IV Therapy for Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and Fertility

Motherhood comes with a wide range of questions, including questions about IV therapy. Some of our most frequently asked questions about IV therapy and motherhood include:

Can I Get an IV While Pregnant?

In most cases, you can receive one of our IV therapy packages during pregnancy. Our medics will get to understand your health profile to find a safe option. We encourage you to reach out to us with any questions you have about our therapy packages.

Is IV Therapy Safe During Breastfeeding?

Most of our IV packages also have a suitable safety profile during breastfeeding. These options include fluids, vitamins and minerals that can support your health during breastfeeding. We can also discuss if our pain and nausea medicines will be safe for you and your child.

What Should I Add to My IV to Boost Fertility?

Various vitamins and minerals can boost fertility in men and women. Our Myer's Cocktail includes many nutrients that can improve fertility, including folic acid (vitamin B9), zinc and vitamin C. Healthy nutrition overall can also enhance your fertility, and our IVs can help you maintain your health.

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Pregnant women who need IV therapy can count on our medics to deliver the nutrients they need. Book a visit by contacting our team online or calling/texting 720-987-2155.

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