IV Treatment for Migraines & Headaches in Colorado

Characterized by severe pain and other symptoms like nausea and light sensitivity, migraine headaches can disrupt your life, lasting hours or days and prevent you from doing things you might otherwise enjoy. These headaches can be debilitating, and you may live in dread of the onset of your next migraine attack.

However, you don't have to wait for the migraine pain to pass on its own or make dangerous trips to the ER when it becomes difficult to focus. A migraine cocktail IV can alleviate symptoms so that you feel better faster.

At Rocky Mountain IV Medics, we provide mobile IV therapy for patients suffering from migraines in our service areas throughout greater Denver. This service allows you to get the care you need in the comfort of your own home or the convenience of your office or hotel room. Our experienced and compassionate paramedics and nurses will arrive at your location within an hour and administer an IV tailored to your needs. Contact Rocky Mountain IV Medics and ease the symptom pain of your migraines. 

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Our Recommendation For Migraines and Headaches

We recommend the Myers' Cocktail for your migraine or headache. This IV is renowned for its ability to provide you with energy while eliminating fatigue. It also contains ingredients that are beneficial when you’re suffering from a migraine attack. The blast of vitamins and hydration should help you feel better and alleviate your migraine symptoms in no time. It’s no wonder the Myers’ Cocktail is our best-selling IV!
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Our Recommendation For Migraines and Headaches

We recommend the Myers' Cocktail with the optional for additional pertinent medications for your migraine or headache. This IV is renowned for its ability to provide you with energy while eliminating fatigue. Our migraine cocktail contains ingredients that are beneficial when you’re suffering from an attack. The blast of vitamins and hydration should help you feel better and alleviate your migraine symptoms in no time. It’s no wonder the Myers’ Cocktail is our best-selling IV!

What Causes Migraines & Headaches?

Migraines are severe, recurring headaches that affect approximately 12% of Americans. Although researchers aren't always sure exactly what causes them, genetic factors may play a role.

Symptoms of migraines include throbbing pain on one or both sides of the head, nausea and vomiting, increased sensitivity to light and sound, and increased pain during physical activity. Some people also experience sensory disruptions before the onset of the headache and report confusing sensations and visual disturbances such as seeing flashing lights or zigzag lines. This collection of symptoms is called migraine with aura.

Although migraines can and may occur with no warning signs, the headaches can sometimes be triggered by:

  • Emotions like stress, anxiety, depression, or shock
  • Changing hormone levels, such as fluctuations during menstruation
  • Eating or drinking certain things, including alcohol and caffeine
  • Overexertion, poor sleep, low blood sugar, and other physical issues
  • Environmental factors like flickering lights, loud noises, and strong odors
  • Technology-related factors such as eye strain from looking at computer screens or poor posture from sitting too long at a desk without the proper ergonomic equipment

There are typically four stages of a migraine attack:

  • Prodrome: The precursor phase that signals the onset of a migraine attack. This can last for hours or days.
  • Aura: Migraine symptoms involving vision problems (blurriness, blind spots) start to manifest during this phase, which can take place either before or during the headache phase.
  • Headache: The pain on one or both sides of the head can last between several hours and a few days. You may also experience nausea, sleeplessness, and sound and light sensitivity during this stage.
  • Postdrome: Your body may feel the lingering effects of the migraine post-headache. This can include tiredness, mental fuzziness, and aches throughout the body.

Fight the Pain With a Migraine IV Drip

Severe migraines can be debilitating, but treatment can include strategies to both prevent migraines and cope with the symptoms. At Rocky Mountain IV Medics, we help patients currently experiencing symptoms by providing a migraine cocktail infusion. Once we arrive at your location, we'll assess your symptoms, take your vital signs, and recommend an IV drip appropriate for the situation.

In most cases, we recommend our migraine cocktail IV, which is a Myers’ Cocktail IV drip with added medications for patients fighting severe migraine symptoms. This saline solution includes the following ingredients known to help with migraine symptoms:

  • Vitamin B complex and B12: Vitamin B12 and other B vitamins have been shown to reduce the severity of migraine with aura, and vitamin B12 supplements are commonly used to prevent migraine attacks.
  • Magnesium: Magnesium sulfate administered intravenously has successfully treated patients who have migraines with aura. In migraine patients without aura, magnesium did not reduce pain or nausea, but it did decrease sensitivity to light and sound. Magnesium can also prevent the onset of migraines when it's taken regularly.
  • Toradol (ketorolac): Toradol is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory pain medication used to treat severe pain in migraine patients. It's more powerful than an over-the-counter NSAID like ibuprofen.
  • Zofran (ondansetron): Zofran is an anti-nausea drug that can reduce nausea and vomiting in migraine patients with such symptoms.

These along with other vitamins and nutrients that are included in our Myers’ cocktail will have you feeling better in no time!

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Migraines and headaches don't have to get in the way of you enjoying your life. An IV for migraines could help you get fast relief from symptoms. So let us help you with a customized IV with migraine medication. We've designed a menu of IV packages that are affordable and effective. You can also join our VIP program for additional deals and specials. 

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Q: Does IV therapy help with migraines?

A: Yes, IV therapy is a fast, effective way to ease painful or uncomfortable migraine symptoms. A migraine cocktail infusion offers powerful relief because the hydrating IV fluids, and the vitamins and minerals they contain, go straight to the bloodstream. They get to work quickly and with better absorption than oral migraine medications, which dissipate in potency as they travel through the digestive system. Many patients report feeling the effects of a migraine IV almost immediately, often within 30 minutes after an infusion. And the whole process only takes 45 to 60 minutes, so you don’t have to wait long to feel better with IV therapy.

Q: What is an IV cocktail for migraines?

A: An IV infusion for migraines contains a sterile solution, vitamins, minerals, and medications specifically selected to combat migraine symptoms. At Rocky Mountain IV Medics, our team members are experts at IV therapy and can help you customize your drip bag with the ingredients you need to support your well-being during a migraine attack. Learn more about our team and how we can help you rebound from your migraine symptoms. 

Q: What is the migraine cocktail they give you at the hospital?

A: You’ll typically receive a saline solution if you go to an emergency room for a migraine. Rocky Mountain IV Medics also offers a Migraine Cocktail with the same high-quality, medical-grade ingredients you’d find in an IV saline solution administered in a clinical setting, but we also offer the ultimate convenience of mobile IV service that comes to you, so you don’t have to suffer in a waiting room for hours before getting your IV treatment. You also have the option of additional add-ons such as vitamins and supplements that have the potential to alleviate your migraine needs. Your comfort and safety are our main concerns, so trust us for your migraine cocktail IV therapy needs.

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