IVs for Athletes

Athletes push their bodies to perform on a regular basis, whether that means competing in challenging matches, participating in endurance activities like marathons, working out at the gym or training at home. This activity can lead to the loss of fluids and minerals through sweating and sore and aching muscles during the recovery phase. As a result, athletes often look for effective ways to promote peak performance and care for their bodies before and after exercise.

In recent years, IVs for athletes have gained popularity, and many athletes turn to IV fluids to rehydrate quickly between training sessions and kickstart recovery after intense athletic events. At Rocky Mountain IV Medics, we offer mobile IV therapy for athletes, so you can receive the IV fluids you want wherever is most convenient for you in the Denver, CO, area. Our knowledgeable and experienced paramedics can administer an IV at your home or even at the gym, pool, field or track where you train.

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Recommended IV for Athletes

One of our top recommended IV athletic recovery and preparation is the Myers' Cocktail.

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Recommended IV for Athletes

An IV that athletes also love is our Performance Plus IV which is great for pre-workout or post-workout hydration.

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Why Athletes Use IV Therapy

Athletes with a wide range of skills and training levels may use IV therapy as they strive to achieve peak performance. Some athletic organizations, including the World Anti-Doping Agency, restrict the use of IV fluids for otherwise healthy individuals. Nonetheless, many athletes still seek IV therapy while in training. Here are a few of the reasons athletes have been known to have an IV before or after exercise:

  • To rehydrate efficiently: Athletes lose a lot of fluid while exercising, especially in hot weather. Dehydration can lead to lowered athletic performance, and severe dehydration can even become dangerous if it's left unaddressed. Because IV fluids bypass the digestive system and enter directly into the bloodstream, they can rehydrate the body more quickly than oral rehydration. Furthermore, IVs allow for direct absorption of any nutrients contained in the IV solution, which might include electrolytes, antioxidants or amino acids, so athletes may use IV therapy to rehydrate while also receiving vitamins and minerals tailored to their needs.
  • To lower the chance of muscle cramps: Muscle cramps during competitions pose serious problems for serious athletes. Although many factors contribute to muscle cramps, dehydration and salt loss may play a significant role. Some athletes and sports teams choose to replace fluids and salts through IVs before a competition in the hopes of preventing cramps.
  • To promote smoother recovery: To minimize inflammation and pain after exercise and promote a faster recovery, some athletes seek out IVs that contain glutathione, vitamin C and other antioxidants thought to promote wound healing and reduce oxidative stress that leads to post-workout soreness.

Some anecdotal evidence certainly supports the usefulness of IVs for certain athletes, and IV fluids can also provide symptom relief for athletes suffering from moderate to severe dehydration as a result of exercise. However, it's important to note that research has not found significant evidence to suggest that IV rehydration provides performance benefits over oral rehydration under normal circumstances, or that IV fluids effectively prevent muscle cramping.

If you're thinking about getting IV therapy, check with the athletic organization governing your competitions to make sure it's allowed.

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