IVs for Altitude Sickness

Caused by the lower oxygen levels and reduced air pressure at high elevations, altitude sickness affects many people who visit mountainous regions or engage in activities like hiking, skiing or climbing above 8,000 feet. People coming from sea level to Denver, CO, and the surrounding areas may experience symptoms of altitude sickness until their bodies acclimate to the new conditions.

Symptoms of altitude sickness and acute mountain sickness can range from barely noticeable to severe and potentially life-threatening. If you experience symptoms while climbing the Rocky Mountains, descending to a lower altitude as quickly as possible will likely be the best course of action. However, if you are under the 8,000-foot mark and still experiencing mild altitude sickness, you'll want to feel better quickly so that you can get back to enjoying your day.

At Rocky Mountain IV Medics, we can help by providing an IV for altitude sickness wherever you are in the Denver area. When you reach out to us, our experienced paramedics will come to your location and administer IV therapy designed to rehydrate the body and alleviate symptoms related to high elevation.

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Recommended IV For Altitude Sickness

Our recommended IV for Nausea is the Myers' Cocktail with an anti-nausea medication.

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What Are the Symptoms of Altitude Sickness?

Acute mountain sickness is linked to high elevation, which means the symptoms stem from low air pressure and lack of oxygen. Symptoms usually develop when someone ascends to a high altitude quickly without allowing the body time to adjust. Drinking alcohol before fully acclimating can also increase the risk of acute mountain sickness, as can medical problems with the heart, lungs or nervous system.

Symptoms of mild altitude sickness to watch out for include:

  • A persistent headache
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Dizziness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Shortness of breath with exertion

Symptoms of mild altitude sickness can last eight to 36 hours after ascent. Symptoms can also worsen and become more dangerous if you continue up in elevation, which is why it's important to give yourself time to acclimate before exploring higher parts of the Rocky Mountains.

How Can Rocky Mountain IV Medics Help?

Severe symptoms of altitude sickness, such as confusion, coughing and extreme fatigue, may require you to seek emergency medical attention. However, for mild symptoms, IV therapy can help you feel better while you finish acclimating to the elevation.

To help patients with acute mountain sickness recover more quickly, our trained paramedics provide mobile service in the Denver area. We will arrive at your location within the hour, evaluate your symptoms, take your vital signs and recommend an IV formulation tailored to your needs.

In most cases, we recommend our standard altitude sickness IV for people adjusting to the city's high elevation. This IV includes saline to provide fast hydration, as well as vitamin B complex, vitamin B12, vitamin C, glutathione, magnesium and zinc. Zofran is also a great add in to assist in battling nausea which typically starts very quickly when experiencing altitude sickness.

Because the contents of an IV go directly into the bloodstream, the body can absorb fluids more quickly and receive the full concentration of vitamins and minerals. People often begin to feel better after just 30 minutes of IV therapy.

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Altitude sickness is something travelers and climbers should take seriously, but it doesn't have to ruin your trip to the Rocky Mountains. At Rocky Mountain IV Medics, we can offer an effective and affordable IV for altitude sickness symptoms whenever and wherever you need it. Once your symptoms have passed and you've acclimated to the high elevation, you can get back to enjoying the beautiful sights the Denver area has to offer. To schedule an appointment, call or text us at 720-987-2155 now, or contact us online.

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