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5 Ways to Ease Nausea

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5 Ways to Ease Nausea

A woman bent over suffering from a stomach ache

Nausea is defined as an uneasy feeling in the stomach that makes you feel as if you need to vomit. It can be associated with other symptoms such as clammy skin and feeling lightheaded.

Whether it’s caused by motion sickness, an illness, pregnancy or cancer treatment, nausea can be debilitating.

What Are Some Ways to Ease Nausea?

Regardless of the cause, if you or a loved one is experiencing nausea, there are a few ways to ease the discomfort associated with it. Here are five ways that can potentially help you find relief from your symptoms:

1. Rest in the right position

Try either sitting or lying propped up while keeping your head elevated. Regardless of which position you choose, avoid crunching your stomach. Try not to move around so you don’t exacerbate the symptoms.

2. Breathe in some fresh air

Sometimes, stepping outside and breathing in some fresh air can make a difference. While you are outside, try practicing controlled and deep breathing to help relieve the symptoms.

3. Stay hydrated

Make sure you are staying hydrated. Try slowly drinking clear liquids or cold drinks. Lemon water and peppermint tea can both soothe symptoms of nausea. Because carbonated beverages can make nausea worse, steer clear of soda.

4. Consume plain food

If you want to try munching on something, go for bland foods — preferably at room temperature. You can try saltines, bread, plain pasta or mashed potatoes.

5. Avoid certain foods

When you are feeling nauseated, avoid foods that are acidic, sweet, fried or greasy because they can upset your stomach even more.

Experience Relief From Your Symptoms With an IV for Nausea

Sometimes, nausea does progress to vomiting. When that occurs, you can become tired and dehydrated quickly from losing fluids and nutrients. When the fluid loss is great, sometimes just sipping on liquids is not enough to replenish what was lost.

At Rocky Mountain IV Medics, we have IV solutions that can help with relieving the symptoms of nausea as well as getting fluids and nutrients back in your body as quickly as possible.

One of our signature solutions is our Myer’s Cocktail, which has a blend of saline, vitamin C, vitamin B12, B Complex, magnesium, zinc, glutathione and an anti-nausea medication.

Contact Rocky Mountain IV Medics for IV Therapy

At Rocky Mountain IV Medics, we have a team of trained paramedics who provide IV therapy within a 30-mile radius around Denver. Instead of having to drive to a medical facility when you are feeling ill, we provide you with mobile IV services so that you can experience relief from your symptoms without having to leave your home.

When we arrive, we evaluate your symptoms and check your vital signs. Then, we tailor one of our IV solutions to meet your specific needs. We have all of the saline solutions, medication and equipment with us and we will arrive at your location less than one hour after you contact us. Just fill out our contact form and we will get back to you with relief quickly!

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