How Can IV Therapy Help Your Stomach Virus?

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How Can IV Therapy Help Your Stomach Virus?

How Can IV Therapy Help Your Stomach Virus

There’s no mistaking when you’ve got a stomach bug. The relentless waves of nausea, the vomiting, the fatigue—the symptoms can stop you in your tracks. A stomach virus is one of those medical conditions that need to be treated right away, not just so you feel better but also to prevent dehydration that could pose serious problems for your health. 

When you have a stomach virus, IV fluids are an effective method for fast symptom relief. Rocky Mountain IV Medics offers specially designed IV packages targeting the symptoms associated with nausea, as well as illnesses such as colds and flu. Even better, we provide treatment in your home, so you don’t have to find the energy to travel to an urgent care center or emergency room. Rely on us to provide you with superior IV therapy for the stomach flu.

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Learn More About Stomach Viruses

Stomach bug and stomach flu are two terms often used interchangeably to describe a stomach virus. The official name of the stomach virus is viral gastroenteritis. It’s caused by two main types of germs: norovirus and rotavirus. Interestingly enough, the stomach flu is not technically a version of the flu because an influenza virus does not trigger it.

It’s easy to be exposed to these contagious viruses. You can become infected if you’re in close contact with someone who has the virus. You may also get it if you touch a germ-covered surface such as a countertop or door handle or consume contaminated water or food. Once the virus makes its way into your system, it inflames the stomach lining, triggering symptoms.

Norovirus is also a common culprit behind food poisoning. However, there are many other sources of food-borne illness, such as bacteria, parasites and other viruses. And while stomach bugs and food poisoning share many of the same symptoms, food poisoning can also lead to excessive thirst and sweating. Whether you have a foodborne illness or the stomach flu, IV treatment can alleviate symptoms.

Stomach Virus Symptoms

When you have a stomach bug, you can expect to feel any of the following symptoms:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach pain or cramps
  • Diarrhea
  • Head and body aches
  • Fever

The intensity of your symptoms may vary from mild to severe, depending on the strength of the infection. 

Does an IV Help the Stomach Flu?

Your symptoms can worsen after a couple of days if you have a serious infection or if it progresses untreated. Certain symptoms require medical attention and can benefit from an IV for stomach flu:

  • Vomiting that persists longer than two days in a row
  • Bloody vomit or stool
  • A fever above 104 Fahrenheit
  • The inability to drink water or other liquids without vomiting for more than 24 hours
  • Dehydration

It’s vital to keep an eye out for the signs of dehydration when you have a stomach bug. You can easily lose bodily fluids from vomiting and diarrhea, and that lack of hydration is compounded if you can’t keep liquids down. If dehydration is severe, it can’t be resolved by simply drinking water. Without proper treatment, it can lead to serious problems such as elevated heart arrhythmia, kidney failure, seizures and shock. Common dehydration symptoms to watch out for include:

  • Fatigue or confusion
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Decreased urination
  • Mood swings

IV therapy for the stomach flu helps in two important ways. First, it replenishes the body with fluids rich in electrolytes, vitamins and minerals that ease the effects of dehydration. You’ll feel better as your body’s fluid levels get back in balance. IV treatment can also ease the typical symptoms associated with a stomach bug, such as nausea and body aches. 

IV therapy is particularly powerful because it’s infused into your bloodstream. Oral medications can lose their effectiveness and absorbency as they travel through your digestive tract—that is, if they even make it that far with your vomiting. You don’t have to wait long to feel the restorative effects of IV treatment.

Which IV Fluids Help with the Stomach Flu?

One of the best solutions for stomach bugs is the Myers’ Cocktail IV. That’s because it contains powerful supplements that relieve symptoms:

  • B12, which can help ease nausea
  • B Complex vitamins for restoring energy as your body fights off the fatigue associated with stomach viruses
  • Vitamin C, which supports the immune system as you recover from your stomach bug

The Myers’ Cocktail, which also contains magnesium and the antioxidant glutathione, offers proven relief for symptoms linked to a wide variety of health issues. 

Another potential IV drip for the stomach flu is the Immune Plus IV. As you’re rebounding from your stomach bug, you can infuse your body with vitamin C and zinc—as well as vitamin D from an injection—for immune system support to get you back to full strength. For the best results, make sure you also get plenty of rest and slowly incorporate a bland diet that eliminates sugar, dairy and caffeine until your stomach settles down. 

If you use IV therapy to combat the effects of viral gastroenteritis, you may also want to take advantage of our customization options that target stomach flu symptoms. Pepcid and Zofran are strong anti-nausea medications that you can add to your IV fluids for a nominal fee. Our team’s medical professionals can help you determine the best IV treatment for your needs and current health condition. 

Recover from the Stomach Virus with IV Fluids from Rocky Mountain IV Medics

You’ll find stomach bug relief no matter where you are in Colorado, thanks to our many convenient locations. We’ve earned a reputation throughout the state for high-quality mobile IV service performed with the utmost attention to safety and patient care. 

Explore our menu of services with numerous treatment options and affordable prices. You’ll also want to take advantage of our attractive VIP program with access to exclusive deals and promotions. 

A stomach virus doesn’t have to keep you down for long. Contact us when you need an IV for stomach flu, or schedule an appointment online.

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