IV Therapy for Jet Lag

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IV Therapy for Jet Lag

iv therapy and jetlag

International or cross-country travel is an exciting adventure, but only if crushing exhaustion doesn’t hit after you arrive at your destination. 

Jet lag is a common problem when you’re changing time zones—and the more time zones you pass through, the greater the chances you’ll suffer jet lag symptoms. The good news is that jet lag eventually goes away, but the bad news is that it can take a few days for symptoms to disappear—and that’s tough if you’re trying to enjoy every minute of your valuable vacation time.

IV therapy is one of the most effective jet lag treatments. It can help alleviate symptoms quickly so you can make the most of your travels. A jet lag IV offers hydrating fluids containing powerful vitamins and minerals that help your body as it adjusts to the time change. Even better, IV fluids go right to the bloodstream for fast, maximum absorption. You can feel the effects sooner than you would with typical jet lag remedies, such as sleep aids or melatonin supplements, which take time to go through the digestive tract and lose absorbency along the way. 

With IV therapy, jet lag symptoms don’t have to disrupt your trip.

What is Jet Lag?

Jet lag occurs when you leave your normal time zone and enter a new one, triggering a range of symptoms. You are physically present in a different time zone, but your brain is still processing the change—there’s a “lag” between the body and the mind. 

Fatigue is the most common jet lag symptom. You might feel tired no matter what time of day it is. Your tiredness may also be compounded by another typical jet lag symptom: insomnia. Your brain may find it difficult to go to sleep if it’s still resetting from the previous time zone. Insomnia and fatigue can also lead to other jet lag symptoms, such as headaches, lightheadedness, lack of focus or concentration, and increased moodiness that makes you feel cranky.

Jet lag also throws other bodily functions out of sync. You may lose your appetite or feel extra hungry. Or, you may experience nausea or have trouble digesting food properly. And your bowel habits can change, too, increasing the likelihood of constipation or diarrhea. 

While symptoms are usually temporary, they can be more intense for people who are older or have an underlying medical issue. 

What Causes Jet Lag?

We all have an internal clock that sets our sleep/wake cycle, which is also referred to as our circadian rhythm. This cues the body when it’s time to sleep and time to wake up.

However, this clock is accustomed to your normal time zone. When you leave that time zone, it throws your circadian rhythm out of balance. If it’s nighttime at home but daytime at your destination, your sleep/wake cycle needs to catch up and recalibrate. Until then, you will still feel sleepy. This is why it’s often recommended to shift your sleep and wake times a few days before travel to better align with the timezone in your destination.

Jet lag can also be influenced by how many time zones you travel through and the direction you’re moving in. You’re more apt to feel symptoms if you lose time by going eastward. 

What’s more, airplane journeys may also dehydrate you because of the low humidity in the cabin, which is why it’s advisable to skip the mid-flight glass of wine or cocktail and drink plenty of water instead. Without enough fluids, you may experience symptoms of dehydration after flying, which can make your jet lag symptoms feel even worse.

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IV Therapy Before or After My Flight?

You can get a travel IV after you reach your destination because it can help reduce your symptoms. Using a mobile IV provider saves you time searching for the closest urgent care or emergency room in an unfamiliar location. Instead, the IV infusion can be done in your hotel room or rental house. An entire IV therapy session only takes 45 to 60 minutes, so it won’t take too much time out of your vacation, and you may experience noticeable effects right away.

Of course, IV therapy works well before a trip, too. Hydrating with vitamin-rich fluids before traveling can help you avoid symptoms of dehydration after flying and support your well-being to help safeguard against jet lag. Frequent travelers may benefit from a regular IV therapy regimen before their trips so they can stay sharp and focused, which is especially helpful if you’re traveling extensively for business.

Scheduling Your Jet Lag Remedy

Rocky Mountain IV Medics can help you with a high-quality jet lag IV, whether you’re heading out of town for work, coming to the area for play, or recovering from an international adventure. 

Experienced medical professionals administer our IV infusions, and our team members are on call every day to better serve you. When you contact us, we aim to be at your location within an hour, so you don’t have to wait long for jet lag treatment. We also have many areas we serve throughout the state, so IV therapy is close by when you need it. You shouldn’t have to suffer long from jet lag, and you don’t have to with symptom relief from our mobile IVs.

Aside from travel IVs, we also have additional IV treatments to help with symptoms related to dehydration, illness, and numerous other health concerns. These drip IV packages are customizable, so you can add ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, or medications for personalized IV therapy.

Contact us today for IV therapy that will have you ready to take flight! Call or text (720) 987-2155 or schedule online.

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