IV Therapy for Food Poisoning in Aurora, Colorado

If you're suffering from food poisoning symptoms like vomiting or dehydration, ease your discomfort with an IV drip for food poisoning in Aurora. Rocky Mountain IV Medics works with experienced licensed medical professionals — many of whom have extensive experience in urgent care — to provide you with medical-grade IV therapy for a range of different health conditions. 

Our medical professionals come directly to you when you're feeling ill. Whether you're in your home, workplace or hotel room, we can quickly help you find relief from uncomfortable symptoms associated with food poisoning.

Why Choose IV Therapy?

IV treatment is excellent for replenishing lost fluids and managing uncomfortable symptoms like nausea and vomiting, abdominal cramps, headache, fever and muscle weakness. Because we administer fluids, nutrients and medication directly into your bloodstream, you experience faster relief than you would by simply drinking water or taking oral medication. 

Medical facilities rely on IV treatment to effectively deal with food poisoning symptoms, and you can expect the same quality of care from Rocky Mountain IV Medics. 

Ingredients in Our Food Poisoning IVs

To address food poisoning symptoms, we usually prescribe our popular Myers' Cocktail. This IV package offers the nutrients your body needs for recovery. It includes:

  • A saline solution
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium
  • B complex
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin C
  • Glutathione

When your assigned medical professional arrives at your door, they'll check your vital signs and ask about your symptoms. We can customize your IV package to target specific food poisoning symptoms because we bring various add-ins like medications, vitamins and minerals to your Aurora location. For food poisoning, we might add the following medications: 

  • Toradol: This anti-inflammatory medication can reduce headaches and abdominal pain. 
  • Pepcid: This medication reduces the discomfort of acid reflux. 
  • Zofran: Ease uncomfortable nausea and vomiting symptoms with this anti-nausea drug. 

Benefits of Mobile IV Therapy for Food Poisoning

Rocky Mountain IV Medics effectively treats uncomfortable food poisoning symptoms and elevates our customers' well-being with mobile IV treatment. While IV therapy works faster than oral medication, relying on mobile IV services has added benefits including: 

  • Convenience and comfort: You shouldn't have to travel to a medical facility while experiencing uncomfortable symptoms. With mobile IV therapy, you can find relief in your location of choice rather than waiting in line at an urgent care facility to receive treatment. 
  • Privacy: Mobile IV treatment can alleviate your uncomfortable symptoms in the privacy of your home so you can recover however you feel the most comfortable. 

When you schedule treatment with Rocky Mountain IV Medics, we can usually have a registered medical professional at your door within an hour of your booking. We'll also cover our own transportation costs to your location. Administering our mobile IV therapy for food poisoning usually takes 30 to 45 minutes, while the entire visit takes no more than an hour. 

Schedule an Appointment for IV Therapy at Your Aurora Location

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