IV Therapy for Morning Sickness in Breckenridge and Vail, CO

Support your health and that of your growing baby with IV therapy for pregnancy in Breckenridge. You can now deal with morning sickness symptoms effectively without leaving your house, as Rocky Mountain IV Medics will visit your home or office space. Our quick treatment will help soothe your symptoms and leave you feeling revitalized. 

IV Therapy for Pregnancy in Breckenridge and Vail

Several Rocky Mountain IV Medics team members are licensed medical professionals with extensive experience in urgent care and labor and delivery, so you can rest assured knowing that you're in good hands. We can have a healthcare provider by your side within an hour of booking. Upon arrival, your assigned medical professional will ask about your symptoms and pregnancy and answer any questions you may have about our treatment. 

IV hydration therapy for pregnancy is beneficial for you and your baby and can positively affect the development of your child. During treatment, your medical professional will stay by your side and monitor your condition. 

Why Receive IV Hydration for Pregnancy in Breckenridge and Vail?

Your growing baby needs lots of vitamins and minerals for healthy development. But when morning sickness plagues you, it can be difficult to keep your nutrient levels high. Struggling with nausea and vomiting can leave you dehydrated and deplete your levels of vitamins and minerals. Feel refreshed, build your nutrient levels and enjoy a healthier experience with an IV for pregnancy in Breckenridge and Vail. 

Ingredients in Our IV Fluids for Morning Sickness

We recommend our popular Myers' Cocktail for IV therapy for pregnancy in Breckenridge and Vail. The saline solution is full of vitamins and minerals that will support your and your growing baby's health. The nutrients in this IV bag include:

  • Zinc: This mineral helps fight infections and can aid in your baby's brain development and cell growth.
  • Glutathione: A high level of this antioxidant can safeguard against pregnancy complications. 
  • Magnesium: This mineral helps develop your baby's teeth and bones. 
  • Vitamin B12: This vitamin plays a vital role in developing your baby's brain and spinal cord. 
  • Vitamin C: You can keep your immune system strong with this potent vitamin.
  • B complex: These vitamins help increase your energy levels and nullify nausea. 

Our experienced medical professionals bring an array of add-in vitamins, minerals and medications to treatment sessions. This allows us to customize your IV drip on-site so that you can get the nutrients you need to support your baby's growth during your pregnancy. 

What Does a Morning Sickness IV Cost?

Rocky Mountain IV Medics aims to make IV treatment affordable by providing different IV packages in various price ranges. Our treatment is better priced than hospital IV therapy and holds lots of advantages for pregnant women. For example, when battling morning sickness, you don't want to travel to a hospital and wait in line for treatment. Rocky Mountain IV Medics allows you to receive treatment without leaving your home. 

Choose Our Mobile IV for Pregnancy in Breckenridge and Vail

Rocky Mountain IV Medics has helped thousands of mothers say goodbye to queasy mornings with effective IV therapy in Breckenridge and Vail. Book your appointment online or call our team at 720-927-8367 now to benefit from treatment!

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