IV Therapy for Hangovers in Fort Collins, CO

Don't let a horrible hangover ruin your day. Rocky Mountain IV Medics has the ultimate symptom cure with premium IV therapy for hangovers that licensed medical professionals administer. Best of all, we'll treat you in the comfort of your home, office or hotel room. 

Why Get a Hangover IV in Fort Collins?

IV therapy is the ultimate hangover hack since you can accelerate recovery by quickly banishing hangover symptoms. Since we administer IV bag ingredients directly into your bloodstream, vital nutrients and medications can bypass your digestive system and get absorbed much faster than oral medication. The result? You'll experience faster relief. IV therapy is also comprehensive — it can deal with your symptoms while strengthening your immune system and improving your overall health. 

What to Expect From Our Hangover IV Therapy in Fort Collins

Rely on Rocky Mountain IV Medics' licensed medical professionals to relieve your hangover symptoms quickly. Here's how our straightforward process works:

Schedule an Appointment

It's easy to receive IV therapy — simply book an appointment online or call our friendly in-house dispatchers. Our team can arrange your IV therapy within an hour after you book your appointment, and we'll take care of the transportation costs to and from your location in Fort Collins.

Receive Quality Treatment 

Upon arrival, our medical professional will check your vital signs and inquire about your symptoms. For hangovers, we usually recommend our popular Myers' Cocktail. This treatment's saline solution contains the following nutrients: 

  • Magnesium 
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin C
  • B complex
  • Glutathione 
  • Vitamin B12

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that plays a crucial role in getting rid of toxic byproducts caused by alcohol metabolism. Meanwhile, B complex can give you an energy boost, and vitamin B12 helps with hangover fogginess. 

Our healthcare professionals take various nutrients and medications to visitations to soothe specific symptoms. The Myers' Cocktail is fully customizable — we can add vitamins, minerals and medications to your drip to target your unique hangover symptoms. We might also incorporate anti-nausea medication if you're struggling with queasiness or vomiting and NSAID pain medication for headaches. 

In just one IV session that lasts no more than 60 minutes, you can kick your hangover symptoms to the curb while bettering your overall well-being. You can also rest assured knowing that your assigned medical professional will stay by your side during treatment to monitor your symptoms and help you stay comfortable. 

How Much Does a Hangover IV Drip Near Fort Collins Cost?

Rocky Mountain IV Medics offers affordable IV therapy for hangovers that is more cost-effective than hospital IV services and comes with many perks. We enable you to find relief for hangovers anywhere — whether you're at work or home — and receive dedicated one-on-one care from a medical professional. 

Schedule an IV for a Hangover Near Fort Collins

Bounce back from a night out with quality IV treatment for hangovers. Rocky Mountain IV Medics has helped many patients like yourself find relief from hangover symptoms. If you want to experience the same rapid relief, book your appointment online now.

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