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There is so much to explore in Woodland Park, from nearby Pikes Peak and the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center to the city’s fine craft breweries. Enjoy it all with the sense of well-being and vitality that comes from IV therapy. 

Rocky Mountain IV Medics provides IV therapy in Woodland Park to offer symptom relief, provide energy and immune support, enhance athletic performance, and much more. Our infusions are performed by our team of trained paramedics and registered nurses who are committed to the highest standards of safety and patient care. With our mobile IV therapy, Woodland Park residents enjoy a fast and effective treatment in their home or office. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of IV therapy.

Uses of IV Rehydration Therapy in Woodland Park

IV therapy replenishes your body when it’s dehydrated. These IV fluids—packed with vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes—work quickly because they go straight to the bloodstream, unlike oral medications that pass through the digestive system first.

Rocky Mountain IV Medics has several IV treatments designed to help patients 10 years and older with many ailments. Popular ones individuals get IV therapy for include:

Headaches and Migraines

Frequent headaches and migraines are a pain, literally. The ones you've experienced make it difficult to function, so you stay in bed all day trying to ease the pain and overcome nausea. Ease your migraine symptoms and get back to doing what you love when you receive mobile IV therapy at your Woodland Park home. Regular IV treatment can help mitigate your migraine symptoms. The IV drip we recommend helps alleviate the pain and ensure proper hydration.


Severe dehydration can lead to more health complications, so proper treatment is crucial to prevent anything else from happening. If you're dehydrated and need to replenish your fluids fast, Woodland Park mobile IV fluids is your way to do it. Rocky Mountain IV Medics will help you rehydrate using an IV solution made with fluids, electrolytes and vitamins so you start feeling better quickly.

Altitude Sickness

Altitude sickness is common, whether you're visiting Colorado for the first time or a resident. The high altitude in the state can be a lot to adjust to, and if you don't let your body have time to adapt, you may feel sick. Symptoms you may have include:

  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Loss of appetite

IV therapy can help you recover from the symptoms of altitude sickness as your body acclimates to the new heights. The IV solution has excellent ingredients that support your body's efforts to overcome symptoms. Rocky Mountain IV Medics provides mobile IV hydration services in Woodland Park and beyond, so you can count on us to get you what you need.

Food Poisoning

Getting food poisoning is no one's favorite activity, but it happens. When you have food poisoning, you may suffer from nausea, stomachaches, diarrhea and vomiting, which makes it hard to keep fluids and essential nutrients in your body. Get an IV infusion to replace the vital fluids your body needs to heal. We can come to your location to provide IV therapy at home or your hotel, helping you feel better quickly.


Your party the night before was fun. However, waking up with a massive hangover isn't. When you need to nurse your hangover the next day, make sure you receive enough fluids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and electrolytes by getting an IV treatment. The IV infusion provides nutrients so your hangover symptoms can start subsiding. Rocky Mountain IV Medics is here to help you get the necessary fluids.

IV Therapy for the Home or Office

Our team can help you pick the right IV for your specific needs. Our affordable pricing packages can fit any of you needs with options for additional vitamin add-ins. There are extra costs for add-on items and custom packages. Join our VIP program to get exclusive deals and promotions, on top of our reasonable prices, for even more savings.

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1Are IV drips worth the money?
An IV infusion is a valuable health tool. IV therapy in Woodland Park can help you feel better faster when you are sick, or keep you feeling healthy year-round, so you don’t miss too much time off work. And Rocky Mountain IV Medics keeps costs low, so you don’t have to worry about unreasonable extra fees. We offer IV vitamin therapy in Woodland Park that is accessible, affordable, and effective.
2How long does IV infusion therapy last?
Many people report feeling the positive effects of vitamin infusions in Woodland Park almost immediately after the 45-60 minute treatment session ends. From there, you may feel the effects of IV therapy for days after, but the specific amount of time is different for each individual patient. That’s because there are many factors involved, such as your overall health, the ingredients in the IV bag, how long it takes your body to metabolize and excrete the ingredients, and more. We’re happy to answer any of your questions; just get in touch with us today!
3What are the disadvantages of IV therapy?
IV therapy is very safe, but it does carry some rare risks, namely the possibility of temporary bruising, rash, or infection at the site of the IV injection point on your arm. In extreme cases, a collapsed vein or air embolism may occur, but those instances are very unusual. Aside from that, IV therapy is a common, reliable health tool used for a variety of medical conditions. The team members at Rocky Mountain IV Medics are experts in IV infusions and strive to provide you with the safest possible experience.
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