Tailgate Revival with IV Therapy

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Golf Game Revival with IV Therapy
March 14, 2023
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Tailgate Revival with IV Therapy

Tailgate Revival with IV Therapy

What’s better than a beer during the ball game? How about a beer before the ball game? Drinking at sporting events is a time-honored tradition, and for many people, tailgating is an essential part of that. Unfortunately, there’s another side of tailgating that isn’t quite as enjoyable: the morning-after hangover.

The pounding headache and waves of nausea can be intense to the point of debilitating—it’s hard to get out of bed when you’re nursing a hangover. So how can you feel like a winner again? A mobile IV can ease symptoms quickly and get you back on your feet. The vitamins and minerals (and medications, if you need them) in IV fluids help counteract the uncomfortable symptoms of a hangover

If you have a few too many tailgate beverages before the next game, Rocky Mountain IV Medics can help.

Which Sports Fans Consume the Most Alcohol?

Alcohol is prevalent at sporting events, so it may be tricky to figure out which one has the most fans who drink. You may think it’s football, with all the tailgate parties in the parking lot even before kickoff. Or maybe it’s baseball when it’s easy to drink a lot when the innings run long.

But actually, a different sport takes the top spot when it comes to fans’ alcohol consumption. Mixed martial arts (MMA) fans consume slightly more than the average 3.7 drinks fans consume during sporting events, according to the sports betting site Lines.

Unsurprisingly, binge drinking is also an issue among sports fans. (Binge drinking is when men have five or more drinks at one period of time; for women, it’s four or more.) According to Lines, 53% of sports viewers binge drink while watching events, but it occurs during more traditional sporting events, too. For instance, here are the top three states for binge drinking among NFL fans:

  • Georgia (Atlanta Falcons): 86% of fans
  • Florida (Jacksonville Jaguars): 86% of fans
  • Arizona (Arizona Cardinals): 85% of fans

It’s easy to tip into binge drinking if you combine a tailgate party and alcohol. And when you binge drink before and during a game, it’s easy to get dehydrated and hungover. 

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How to Beat a Hangover While Tailgating

If you’re tailgating, alcoholic drinks are sure to be part of the party. Here are some tips to follow so you don’t end up on the losing side of a hangover.

Stick to One Type of Alcohol

Mixing different types of drinks won’t increase your odds of a hangover (you’re at risk of one no matter what alcohol you drink). However, sticking to one type of alcohol will make it easier to remember how much you’re having and avoid the effects of binge drinking. If you’re going to settle on beer as your drink of choice, don’t add a couple of shots and a margarita into the mix because you’re likely to lose track of your tailgate beverage consumption.

And when you are drinking at sporting events, keep in mind that light-colored alcoholic drinks (think beer and vodka) have fewer congeners, the compounds that are more likely to trigger hangover symptoms.

Remember That Bubbles Are Trouble

Carbonated sodas are refreshing, but don’t drink them just because they’re nonalcoholic. The carbonation bubbles bloat and expand the stomach, which gives you a greater capacity for alcohol consumption—and a greater capacity for hangovers. 

So, what nonalcoholic drinks should you have during a tailgate?

Water for the Win

Alcohol dehydrates the body, contributing to hangover symptoms like head and body aches and nausea. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water during your tailgate party. When tailgating, alcoholic drinks and water should be alternated throughout the day to keep fluid levels from depleting. 

How Rocky Mountain IV Medics Will Enhance Any Sporting Event

A rehydrating, re-energizing IV infusion can put you on top either before or after your next tailgating get-together. If you know you’re going to be celebrating whether your team wins or loses, try an IV beforehand to give your body the vitamins, minerals, and fluids needed to feel great while you’re partying. 

And what about if your team wins the big game, but you lose after drinking too much while toasting the victory? An IV detox after carbs (and some types of alcohol are full of those) can help restore your sense of well-being by reducing hangover symptoms so you can recover and get back to normal. 

The Rocky Mountain IV Medics Difference

Rocky Mountain IV Medics is at the top of the scorecard when it comes to IV therapy for hangovers. We perform IV infusions at your home, hotel room, or other convenient-for-you location in our service areas. These infusions are typically more powerful than an oral hangover “cure” because IV fluids go directly into the bloodstream for maximum, immediate absorption. And that’s something any sports fan can root for!

Contact us when you need to revive after a tailgate party. Schedule online for high-quality IV therapy with Rocky Mountain IV Medics.

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