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How to Get Rid of Muscle Cramps

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How to Get Rid of Muscle Cramps

How to Get Rid of Muscle Cramps

Athletes and weekend warriors often get leg cramps, but almost anyone can get muscle cramps from exhaustion, overuse or even some medical conditions. While not dangerous and often resolved on their own, muscle cramps can be painful and may interfere with everyday tasks. If you get them often, you may start to dread the next burst of pain.

A muscle cramp is an involuntary contraction of the muscle. It results in severe pain and prevents you from using the muscle while the cramp is happening. In some cases, you can feel a hard bump where the cramp is taking place. This is the contracted muscle.

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Here’s how to handle muscle cramps:

  • Stretch and exercise: Stretch before and after exercise. If you tend to get muscle cramps at night, do gentle stretches before bed. Stretching can even help while your muscles are cramping by gently encouraging the muscle to relax.
  • Stay hydrated: When you keep the cells in your muscles hydrated, your muscles are able to contract and relax correctly. If you are exercising or in hot weather, remember to drink more to make up for fluid loss.
  • Eat fiber-rich foods: Constipation can cause the muscles in your abdomen to contract painfully. Fortunately, you can reduce your risk of constipation by eating foods rich in fiber, which keeps you regular. Look for foods such as dark leafy greens and whole grains to increase your fiber intake.
  • Take care of constipation: In addition to increasing your fiber, take additional steps to avoid constipation. You can increase your hydration and gentle exercise, for example. The Myers’ Cocktail from Rocky Mountain IV Medics contains saline to reduce dehydration and magnesium, which has been linked in studies to reducing instances of cramps.
  • Apply heat: If you experience a cramp, applying a heating pad can help the muscles relax and can help you reduce pain.
  • Eat foods rich in potassium and magnesium: Foods rich in potassium, such as bananas, can help you reduce your risk of cramps. Foods with magnesium, such as nuts and seeds, can also give your body the nutrients needed to reduce your risk of painful muscle contractions.
  • Consider IV therapy: Some individuals and athletes turn to therapy via IV for muscle cramps to get a quick infusion of electrolytes and nutrients, right into their bodies.

What Can IV Therapy Do for Muscle Cramps?

If you have not heard of using an IV drip for muscle cramps, you may be curious. Some patients turn to IV hydration and products like the Myers’ Cocktail, which delivers benefits fast. The Myers’ Cocktail contains saline for hydration as well as vitamin B complex, vitamin c, zinc, glutathione and magnesium.

Many people try to hydrate with water alone, but a saline IV drip can help with dehydration fast. In addition, magnesium has been studied as a potential solution for cramps, and especially nighttime leg cramps. Zinc has been found in studies to relieve muscle cramps and especially menstrual cramps, while night leg cramps might find relief from vitamin B complex.

If you’d like IV therapy with these and other nutrients, schedule an appointment with Rocky Mountain IV Medics. We’ll come right to your home, hotel or office campus to administer IV therapy. Now, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your space to find relief from your symptoms.

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