IV Bolus vs. IV Push

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IV Bolus vs. IV Push

IV Bolus vs. IV Push | What’s the Difference | Rocky Mountain IV Medics

You’re probably familiar with the benefits of IV therapy if you’ve tried it for dehydration treatment, symptom relief or wellness maintenance. But did you know that there are different types of IV therapy? 

The essence of IV therapy is the same no matter the type: An intravenous (IV) injection delivers fluids to the bloodstream, where they’re absorbed quickly and with maximum effectiveness. These IV fluids can contain vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, medications and other supplements, depending on the health issue that’s being treated. IV therapy can increase your energy, improve mental alertness and alleviate symptoms associated with conditions such as illness, migraines and hangovers. 

Standard, or drip, IV therapy is perhaps the most commonly known. This is the IV you receive in a hospital: One end of the IV line is inserted into a catheter in your arm, while the other is attached to a bag of fluids hanging from a pole. With the fluid line closed, a pump or the pull of gravity prompts a slow, steady drip over many hours for constant fluid intake. 

When you need fluid replenishment outside of a hospital setting, however, you probably don’t want to spend hours waiting for a standard drip IV to run its course. That’s when you may encounter two other types of IV therapy: IV bolus and IV push.

What Is IV Bolus?

You’re probably not alone if you’re asking yourself, what is a bolus? This is the medical term for a dose of a particular substance, such as a medication. Technically, all IV treatments use a bolus of vitamins, nutrients or medications.

But an IV bolus is a particular type of therapy. Unlike a standard drip IV where the fluid line is closed, an IV bolus has an open line. Consequently, the fluids enter the body at a much faster rate—in up to five minutes—than with a drip IV. An IV bolus is useful in situations where time is of the essence, such as administering a much-needed dose of insulin to someone with type 1 diabetes.

What Is An IV Push?

There are timely situations, and then there are critical, life-or-death situations where a second can’t be wasted, such as when someone is suffering a heart attack or an anaphylactic allergic reaction. These are circumstances that call for an IV push.

When it comes to an IV push vs. an IV bolus, the difference is all in the timing. An IV push is administered within 30 seconds. To achieve this rapid response, an IV push doesn’t rely on a drip bag. Instead, a medical professional uses a syringe to immediately move fluid through an IV catheter. The difference between an hours-long IV drip vs. push is like night and day.

What’s the Comparison Between IV Bolus vs. IV Push?

While IV push delivers medication within seconds in emergencies and IV bolus takes minutes in less high-stakes situations, they both have something important in common. Both IV treatments deliver instantaneous results because they hit the bloodstream faster. A qualified medical professional will determine which type of treatment to use.

Which One Do You Need?

You won’t need an IV push unless you’re in a medical crisis, and standard drip IVs are typically limited to hospital stays. So you’ll usually receive an IV bolus when you need rehydration or symptom relief. 

Rocky Mountain IV Medics is a leader in IV bolus treatment, offering it in multiple service areas throughout Colorado. Our registered nurses and paramedics provide treatment at your home, office or other convenient location—and they can get to your address within an hour after contacting us.

Our medical professionals have significant IV therapy experience, so you’re in good hands. They’ll review your medical history and current health condition to devise the best treatment for your individual needs, whether you need to prevent dehydration during athletic workouts, rebound from the flu or alleviate symptoms of chronic health issues. Your treatment could be the popular Myers’ Cocktail, one of our specialty IV packages tailored to specific health needs or an IV bag customized just for you with a particular blend of vitamins, nutrients or medications. 

The entire process takes 30 to 45 minutes, with no downtime after your treatment ends. During IV therapy, you can relax in your familiar surroundings as a trained medical professional monitors your treatment. 

Patients rely on Rocky Mountain IV Medics for high-quality IV therapy. In addition to our medical expertise, we offer a diverse range of IV packages at affordable prices. We’ve even created a VIP program with valuable deals and promotional offers that give you even more savings. 

Don’t wait to feel great. Try IV therapy with Rocky Mountain IV Medics to support your health and well-being. Contact us today: Call or text (720) 987-2155, or schedule an appointment online.

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