Tattoos and IV Treatment

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Tattoos and IV Treatment

tattoo and iv therapy

Have you ever wondered how people with arm tattoos get IV infusions? There are a lot of myths surrounding the risks of tattoos with IV treatments. For example, one myth states you cannot give blood or receive an IV after getting inked.

Well, Rocky Mountain IV Medics are here to set the record straight: you can definitely get IV therapy when you have tattoos!

We have helped countless inked patients recover from hangovers, the flu, food poisoning, and everything in between. All our IVs use medical-grade ingredients to help heal your body and support better health at the cellular level, so you can feel more energetic, more alert, and overall much healthier. Some of the ingredients in our treatments (like vitamin C and glutathione) can help support healthier skin, which can make your tattoos look even better.

Still feeling skeptical? We get it — tattoos are a great form of self-expression, and folks want to be certain that their tattoos are safe during IV treatments. So let’s take a closer look at how our team of professionals can start an IV through a tattoo.

IV Insertion & Tattoos

When a tattooed patient gets IV therapy with us, the process is largely the same as with anyone else. Our registered nurses and paramedics come to your door, assess your health, and prepare an IV of vitamins, minerals, and fluids (as well as any additional IV treatments they want) that can target your current symptoms. Then, they’ll find a vein, administer the IV, and monitor you as those vitamins work their magic to improve your health.

After about 30-45 minutes, your infusion will be finished and you should be feeling good as new. We’ll pack up, and you’ll be free to go about your day — tattoos and all.

Is it hard to locate a vein covered with tattoos?

If you’re worried about the dangers of a tattoo and IV therapy, the “find a vein” step we mentioned above might have you concerned. After all, how are we supposed to find a vein when they’re all covered in ink? 

We’ll admit it: it is harder to locate a vein covered in tattoos. However, it’s no more difficult than helping individuals with darker skin tones! 

Instead of locating a vein by sight, our experienced medical professionals use a system called “palpation.” This means they feel your arm with their fingers until they can find a suitable vein. Next, they take a small item (such as a pen cap) and make a small impression on your arm to mark the vein. Just like that, your IV is in without any trouble!

Is it safe to get an IV with Tattoos?

We often get calls and emails from people asking, “How safe is it to get IV therapy with a tattoo?” We’ll answer with one word: completely! People with tattoos get IVs every day in hospitals and doctor’s offices, so there’s no reason why they can’t get in-home IV therapy.

Still, the belief that IVs and tattoos don’t mix had to come from somewhere…right? Let’s discuss some of the common “risks” of tattoos and IV therapy and clarify that infusions with tattoos are safe.

Potential IV Risk of Tattoos

There are two common risks associated with getting IVs when you have tattoos. Firstly, many people worry that the IV will ruin the tattoo. They fear scarring, track marks, and other cosmetic issues could mess up the look of their gorgeous (and expensive) body art.

We understand your concern — that’s why we palpate. Track marks and other scars can result from using needles, but only if the person using the needle either isn’t careful or tries multiple injections sites close together. Palpation allows us to locate a vein without using the needle, so we very rarely need to try more than one injection.

The second concern we hear from people is that their IV therapy could disrupt ink particles, sending them into the bloodstream. There are two misconceptions here: 

  • Misconception 1: Ink is disrupted that easily
  • Misconception 2: Ink in your bloodstream is harmful

It’s important to remember that your tattoo ink isn’t on the surface of your skin. Once a tattoo heals, the ink settles into the dermis (a deeper layer of your skin), so it won’t be affected by the IV.

Even if some ink did manage to make it into your bloodstream through an IV, you would be ok! Your body is highly skilled at filtering out waste particles. The ink would simply filter through your kidneys or lymph nodes, leaving you healthy as ever.

As you can see, IV treatments with tattoos are safe. But if you’re still not convinced, it’s ok! Just tell the Rocky Mountain IV Medics team that you don’t want an IV through your tattoo. We will do our best to accommodate your needs and find an ink-free vein.

Get IV Treatment (Even with Tattoos)

Folks with tattoos get sick, just like everyone else. And when that happens to you, you deserve to get plenty of vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes even if your veins are covered in ink!

At Rocky Mountain IV Medics, we strive to offer all our patients high-quality vitamin IV therapy that helps them feel their best — and we’ll bring it to your home so that you can recuperate in comfort.

If you want to learn more about IV therapy and tattoos, please contact the Rocky Mountain team today. Our staff of medical professionals is always ready to answer questions or resolve concerns you may have.

And if you’re in the Denver area (or any of the other areas we serve), check out our schedule online to book your appointment today. We have teams all over Colorado ready to ring your doorbell and help you take your health to the next level.

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