4 Tips for Healthier Skin

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4 Tips for Healthier Skin

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Healthy skin looks clean and radiant without the need for cosmetics or digital image filters. But many people feel like they’ll never be without blemishes, or be able to enjoy a soft, smooth complexion. Fortunately, practically anyone can enjoy improved skin by taking a few key steps.

Below are some time-tested ways to get skin that feels and appears healthier than ever. Try any of these tips to give yourself a natural glow.

1. Eat Colorful Meals

Fruits and vegetables contain some of the most skin-friendly vitamins and minerals in the world. Unfortunately, many consumers limit themselves to eating far fewer servings of produce than they need to increase their immunity and get clearer skin.

If you want the skin on your body to feel silkier, aim to have colorful meals that are vegetable-heavy. For instance, why not create a salad of green kale, orange peppers, red and white radishes, yellow onions and gray mushrooms? Or, you can improvise a stir fry that includes pieces of baby carrots, bamboo shoots, squash, snow peas and bok choy. Your whole body will thank you!

2. Supplement Your Vitamins With an Occasional IV Drip

Eating produce at practically every meal and snack can get you closer to taking in all the vitamins, amino acids, minerals and enzymes you need to look your best. However, you may want to occasionally augment your healthier diet with an IV drip filled with vitamins.

IV therapy treatments, like the Myers’ Cocktail, are rich in known beauty-enhancing ingredients such as Vitamin B12, zinc, Vitamin C, glutathione and magnesium. By delivering these nutrients directly into your bloodstream, you enable them to work in higher concentrations than you can get by just eating healthy, natural, organic foods.

3. Forgo Sugary Drinks

Ask the most gorgeous and handsome models what they drink and they’ll inevitably say, “water.” That’s because water truly is the source of all life. It’s also the source of terrific skin that heals faster, shows fewer wrinkles and functions more efficiently.

Though it can be tough to forgo sugar-laden drinks, do your best to slowly replace almost all of your daily beverages with water. When you drink something caffeinated, such as a cup of coffee or tea, make sure you drink the same amount in water immediately afterward. To help you stick with your water habit, carry a water bottle wherever you go.

4. Get Serious About Sunscreen

The sun can wreak havoc on your skin, causing it to age faster and putting you at risk of developing skin cancer. Whenever you go outside, always use an SPF of at least 15. Then, reapply it hourly.

To make life easier, you might want to invest in an oil-free moisturizer that contains sunblock. That way, you’ll know that the base layer against your skin will not just keep it supple, but will also generate a barrier against the sun’s harmful rays.

Better-looking skin isn’t just for Hollywood stars! Use the helpful hints here to transform the skin on your face, neck, hands and body. Want to kickstart your newfound skincare regimen? Order a vitamin-packed IV drip from Rocky Mountain IV Medics today.

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