IV Therapy for Food Poisoning in Colorado Springs, CO

Food poisoning is a sickness you can get from consuming food or beverages with germs and other harmful substances. Common symptoms of food poisoning include vomiting, an upset stomach and diarrhea. When you suffer from this illness, you might also experience the following symptoms: 

  • Mild fever
  • Weakness
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Loss of appetite

These symptoms typically appear within a few hours or several days after eating spoiled, contaminated or toxic foods. While most cases are mild and resolve without medical attention, food poisoning can be very uncomfortable. 

Rocky Mountain IV Medics offers IV therapy for food poisoning in Colorado Springs. Our medical staff can help minimize your discomfort by treating you in the comfort of your own home. 

Experience Relief With Food Poisoning IVs in Colorado Springs

With our IV for food poisoning in Colorado Springs, you can find fast relief from your uncomfortable symptoms. Rocky Mountain IV Medics has been helping patients find relief from food poisoning and other ailments since 2019. Over the years, we've built up a team of highly qualified medical professionals who are committed to providing you with the most personable and timely medical assistance. 

How IV Therapy for Food Poisoning Works

An IV drip for food poisoning is very effective, as it can alleviate symptoms, prevent dehydration and speed up recovery. When our medical staff arrives at your location, they'll assess your symptoms and then suggest an IV package and add-in medications to help alleviate your discomfort. The appropriate IV package will have the right amount of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes to restore balance and quickly replenish any fluids you lost during your sickness.

When your digestive system is under attack from food poisoning, keeping down foods and medicine can be challenging. IV therapy solves this issue by bypassing your digestive system and delivering medicine directly into your bloodstream — ensuring your body gets what it needs to recover. 

Ingredients in Our Food Poisoning IV

Alleviate the uncomfortable and painful symptoms of food poisoning with an IV drip tailored to fight this condition. Rocky Mountain IV Medics can include the following medication to provide relief from food poisoning:

  • B complex and vitamin B12: These vitamins will increase your energy levels. 
  • Vitamin C: You can fortify and support your immunity with this vitamin. 
  • Glutathione: This powerful antioxidant can reduce inflammation and help with liver detoxification. 
  • Zinc: This nutrient can reduce inflammation and speed up your recovery. 
  • Toradol: We'll add a potent nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug to reduce pain. 
  • Zofran: This anti-nausea medication will reduce nausea and vomiting. 
  • Pepcid: This drug relieves acid reflux fast. 

At-Home Food Poisoning IV in Colorado Springs

Armed with medical expertise and potent medication, our food poisoning IV team in Colorado Springs offers fast relief from this illness's symptoms. When you deploy our medical staff to your home, we'll arrive promptly and cover our own transportation costs. If you're ready to receive quick relief from your upset stomach, schedule a food poisoning IV in Colorado Springs today!

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