IV Therapy for Hangovers in Grand Junction, CO

Suffering from a horrible hangover? Remedy your situation quickly with quality hangover IV therapy in Grand Junction. You can rely on Rocky Mountain IV Medics for effective and affordable IV treatment. With your convenience in mind, we'll treat you wherever you feel most comfortable, sending one of our licensed medical professionals to your home, workplace or hotel room. 

Why Choose Our Hangover IV Therapy in Grand Junction? 

Leave the aspirin and coffee behind and opt for a hangover IV so that you can enjoy:

  • Rapid relief: A hangover IV drip works faster than oral medication. This quick effect is because we administer a cocktail of minerals, vitamins and medications directly into your bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system.
  • Comprehensive care: With IV therapy, you can address various hangover symptoms, from fatigue to headaches, and fortify your immune system.

What to Expect From IV Treatment for Hangovers Near Grand Junction 

Rocky Mountain IV Medics has a large team of licensed medical professionals ready to offer hangover relief. It's easy to start therapy —  simply book an appointment and begin treatment. 

Book Your Appointment 

You can easily book an appointment for a hangover IV in Grand Junction online. Our dispatch team can usually arrange a visit within an hour after you book, and we cover the transportation costs to and from your location. With our fast response times, you can find rapid relief. 

Start Your Treatment 

When one of our healthcare professionals arrives at your home, office or hotel room, they'll check your vital signs and ask about your symptoms. They'll then prepare your treatment. Our popular Myers' Cocktail is the best hangover hack, as these IV bags are brimming with vitamins and minerals. Each bag contains:

  • Hydrating saline solution
  • Magnesium and zinc —  two powerful minerals
  • Potent vitamin C, B complex and vitamin B12
  • The awesome antioxidant glutathione

This IV bag hydrates your body, replaces lost electrolytes and supplies essential nutrients, while the antioxidants help get rid of toxic byproducts from alcohol metabolism. 

Many patients also choose to add extra vitamins, minerals and medications to their IV drip, such as powerful anti-nausea drugs. To ensure customized care, our healthcare professionals always take various medicines to therapy sessions and mix the IVs on-site. 

You'll receive everything your body needs to bust your hangover symptoms in one sitting, lasting about 45 to 60 minutes. During treatment, your healthcare professional will closely monitor your condition and ensure you're comfortable. 

How Much Does Hangover IV Therapy in Grand Junction Cost? 

Rocky Mountain IV Medics strives to make IV treatment affordable with numerous IV packages in various price ranges. Our services are more budget-friendly than hospital visitations and come with the bonus of receiving quality treatment from a licensed medical professional in the comfort of your home. 

Get a Hangover IV Drip Near Grand Junction Today

Rehydrate, rejuvenate and banish your hangover with the potency of IV therapy. Book an IV session online today to receive treatment from our friendly team and start feeling better faster.

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