What Is a Banana Bag?

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January 8, 2020

What Is a Banana Bag?

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Spending a night out with friends is a great way to end a hard week. Sometimes, however, these little celebrations overlap with other happy moments in the universe like dollar margarita night. Before you know it, your evening of fun has gone a little too far. You wake up the next morning and the sun is too bright, your breathing is too loud and your stomach is seriously unhappy with your life choices. There's no doubt about it: You need a banana bag.

What is a banana bag? You might call it intravenous hangover relief. Named for their distinctive yellow color, banana bags consist of thiamine, folate, magnesium sulfate and multivitamins in a saline solution. This carefully mixed cocktail is commonly used to correct vitamin and electrolyte deficiencies in patients with alcohol use disorder (AUD), but companies like Rocky Mountain IV Medics also make this sweet relief available to those who have just gone a little too hard on the weekend.

What Is a Banana Bag Used For? 

Hangovers can last up to 72 hours. That's up to three days of fatigue, headaches, rapid heart rate and brain fog. Banana bags, also known as rally packs, take advantage of the speed and absorption efficiency of IV drips to deliver the targeted relief of AUD symptoms offered by its main ingredients. 

The B vitamin thiamine is critical to brain function, and alcohol use depletes it. The 100mg dose in a banana bag is usually enough to combat the fogginess of a hangover and restore patients to full function. Meanwhile, magnesium sulfate co-interacts with thiamine and can soothe cardiac arrhythmias, meaning these two work together to restore balance when your heart moves too fast and your brain too slow. 

Rounding out the cocktail, folate eases the mind to reduce agitation and sleep disturbances, while a multivitamin boosts immunity. These elements are all dissolved in ultra-hydrating saline to help your body get back to its normal levels.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Banana Bag?

Let's be realistic here. No one likes hangovers, even when they're souvenirs of an awesome night. Nausea can make rehydrating difficult, and there's a definite challenge to preparing a healthy breakfast when even the refrigerator light is offensive. With a banana bag, you can simply lie there in peace while rehydrating with a perfect cocktail of magnesium sulfate, thiamine and healthy vitamins.   

When it comes to delivering nutrients to patients, IV infusion therapy is more efficient and much faster than oral consumption. A banana bag can treat hangover symptoms in a fraction of the usual recovery time. Once it's set up, your IV drip will have you feeling relief in less than an hour, with many of our patients feeling better immediately! 

How Do I Get a Banana Bag?

No one ever intends to wake up with a hangover, but it happens. Fortunately, Rocky Mountain IV Medics is here to make it easier. Our IV therapy packages have helped thousands of people in and around Denver battle the flu, cope with morning sickness and recover from epic weekends. If you need a banana bag or some other form of intravenous relief, we can be at your door in less than an hour.

Call or text us at 720-987-2155 to schedule IV infusion therapy today. You can also reach us online to learn more. Enjoy your nights, then take back your mornings with Rocky Mountain IV Medics. 

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