May 4, 2020
A man hiking by the Rocky Mountains

3 Things to Remember About Hiking in Colorado

Now that the weather is pleasant and warm enough on a regular basis, it’s the perfect time to get outside and hike. Especially now, in these […]
April 21, 2020
Man suffering from the flu with thermometer in his mouth

6 Quick Tips for Preventing the Spread of Contagious Illnesses

Now more than ever, people know that they must take contagious illnesses seriously. Even simple, everyday acts such as shaking hands or opening doors can spread an infectious […]
April 8, 2020
image of a dandelion against a clear blue sky

4 Tips to Ease Spring Allergy Symptoms

Allergy season is fast approaching, which means many people are bracing for a rough few months ahead. Many people in areas prone to heavy tree pollen […]
March 23, 2020
illustration of vitamin C and vitamin B12 pills in bottles

Benefits of Vitamins for Overall Health

Most vitamins perform functions that cannot be achieved by other nutrients, and they facilitate a multitude of the body’s mechanisms. What’s more, vitamins help prevent — […]
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